Alternatives for KEF Reference 2 Center

I'm leaning towards purchasing used KEF Reference 1's but what is holding me back is the cost of the Reference 2 Center.
I've been told by different sources that I can use a single LS50 for the center or the new R series 2C center. Any thoughts?  
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We are Kef dealers with the Kef Reference 3, and the Kef Ref 2C center in a dedicated Theater room 

Yes you can use the R series center to very good effect it will blend quite well it just won't sound quite as fantastic as the Ref center channel.

At one time we were using the R center before we could swing moving to the Reference one and the theater sounded good, it was quite audible the improvements going from the R series to the Reference especially in clarity.

The new R series is a bit closer to the sound of the Reference. 

If you work with a good dealer they would offer to cell you the R series center and take it back for full credit within a year if you were to upgrade which is what we would do.

Good luck if we can be of further assistance please let us know.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ

Thank you for the advice.  I will follow up once i get my hands on a R series. center.