Alternative Tonearms for VPI

Has anyone ever used other manufacturers tonearms on VPI Scoutmaster Turntables. If so what were they and what if any improvements were noticable
I used a triplaner with my aries 3 with very positive results.
It replaced a 10,5. Improvements in tracking and a almost total
Loss of distortion. Triplaner was over kill for a aries and I moved
On to a better tt. Though while I listened to the aries triplaner
Combo I most certainly enjoyed the sound and music.
I suppose I should have it ok to use any tonearm on the scoutmaster, if not what are the restrictions and why.
As a VPI dealer I should know the answer but have not heard anything about anyone doing it. I would think it would be possible but not very practical. But if you can find an arm that fits and can have an arm board built that would fit the cutout you can do it. I would do a search here and on Vinyl Engine to see if anyone has. It would be a lot easier to sell the Scoutmaster and go to the Aries or a turntable from another company IMO. The sound of the Scoutmaster derives from it being designed as a unit and the absence of a arm board contributes to that. Is there something about the VPI arm that you don't like? I currently have a Scoutmaster set up next to an all out Aries with 12" arm and Super platter which the Scoutmaster lacks and the Scoutmaster is not embarrassed by the comparison and might be preferred by some. I would advise that you tweak the table as it is before making a radical change. Email me if you have further questions. Stanley Wallen, Alternative Audio
Thanks Stanley..............I might do that
Not to hijack the thread, but can other VPI arms be used? Like the the 12.7? Other than the fact it would extend over the front edge of the plinth, would the mounting be the same, and the spindle to pivot distance?
I have a Scout turntable with the Super Platter and I also use a Teres Verus rim drive motor system. I have also mounted an Origin Live Conqueror MK 3 tonearm. The Conqueror requires an adapter to raise the arm high enough to work with the VPI platters. The adapter was made by Origin Live to fit the Scout arm mounting hole. The Conqueror arm geometry is similar to Rega arms and the JMW-9 and requires a 223 mm spindle to pivot to spindle mounting distance - the same as required by the JMW-9. The sound quality is definitely better than the stock Scout but I must say the stock Scout sounds pretty darn good. I have a good digital playback syste. My analog playback system sounds better than Cds and SACDs but not so much that I don't enjoy the digital sound. I am also using a Lyra Skala cartridge and a Sutherland PhD phono preamp. With good quality lps I would describe the sound as being close to perfect.
I don't think that there is any way to fit longer arms on to the Scoutmaster. I had intended to get the Scoutmaster Reference for my personal use but wanted the 12.7 arm. Although not in the dealer price list I found that a few of the Aries Extended were still avaliable and got one of those. I have suggested to Harry that he should put it back into production when the supply is exhausted as there are many who want the 12" arm but don't want to pay $12000 for the HRX. With the TNT being discontinued this is their only choice currently.
You can mount a Graham on VPI Scoutmaster, you will need to buy the arm board from Graham and price is quite high.