Alternative to VPI motor for Aries 3?

I have the latest Aries 3 and according to this webpage:

It has the following description of the motor:
The solid black aluminum motor assembly is almost 10 pounds and contains a low noise 300-RPM synchronous motor with Delrin motor pulley. This is a very low noise system as the fundamental resonance of the motor is at 5 Hertz. Well below the ability of a cartridge to pick it up.

So this is 'supposed' to be a low noise motor, but I can hear the resonance noise within 2 ft, and I believe the cartridge actually pick up the noise which is audible during the quiet passage of a song.

The question is, is there any other motor that's quieter than the VPI??
something is very wrong. Call VPI for an assessment. I have the motor which is DEAD quiet on my Superscout.
The Teres Verus is the alternative I'm thinking about for my Aries 3.

09-20-08: Stringreen
something is very wrong. Call VPI for an assessment. I have the motor which is DEAD quiet on my Superscout.

DEAD quiet?!?!! What if you place your ear next to the pulley. Do you not hear some high pitch sizzling noise?
Hi Viper...My wife is an RN. I used her professional 200 dollar stethoscope to search for noises and yes turntable is DEAD quiet. No scraping sounds, no hums, no noises of any kind. Sorry if you think you have something with less sound...there isn't any. I checked everywhere on the table, and on the motors, and ...nope...nothing.
The motors on both my Scoutmaster and now my Superscoutmaster are also DEAD quiet, nothing at all no matter how close you are to it. I would contact VPI.
Hopefully VPI will give some suggestions, but if I remember, don't these Motors have provision for lubrication?
Please let us know what you hear from VPI. Mark a matter of fact there is a new Supergrease you might inquire about. It looks like vasoline, but isn't. It comes in a package that looks like a hypo needle.
The stock motor that came with my TNT was a little noisey (hey, I head it and that's all that matters to me). Upgraded to the flywheel motor and it is dead quiet. Cost a grand but worth it, to me.
The magic lube that stringreen refers is a lube for the turntable bearing. I got some about 6 months ago. It works great.
Maybe I'm more sensitive to noise than some, I don't know, but I would not describe my double motor assembly with rim drive as dead quiet. When listening for it, there is a faint whirring mechanical noise but this never is audible during playback of vinyl. I think it's also much quieter than the belts were. I have no experience with it, but it's hard for me to believe that the Teres motor would be significantly more quiet.
I still cannot believe that these motor can be "DEAD quiet". I mean, come on... there must be some noise when you place your ear NEXT to the motor!?!!

I will try to call up VPI tomorrow. And I'll visit the VPI room on RMAF2008 to check if the motor on display is indeed "DEAD quiet"!?!
I've owned many VPIs over the years. The motor should be essentially quiet. Dead quiet with a stethoscope resting on the motor? I doubt it. I'm not sure any motor will pass that test. What you're describing sounds like a defective motor. Let us know what VPI says.
Narrod...I can tell you..I just tried it again...DEAD quiet.
Stringreen, having never tried it I'll take your word for it. No turntable motor I know of is built to such an exacting spec. That being said, it certainly should be quiet enough so that you are not aware of it in normal conditions. That has always been my experience with VPI motors.
VPI only takes phone calls 2 or 3 days a week. I think it is Tuesday, Wednesday. and Thursday. It may only be Tuesday and Thursday. You can e-mail them if you don't want to wait.
V: Some simple tests. Disconnect the belt & hold the motor assembly in your hands . Visually inspect to assure all moving parts are free and not rubbing . Gently shake to determine the motor mount itself is tight , no loose parts ,inside the enclosure. Should all be negative, turn the unit on. Should hear more than a wisper of motion caused by the movement of air, that motor assembly is not up to VPI standards and VPI should be contacted.
I have spoken to VPI, he told me to do two tests:
(1) Put a mousepad underneath the motor and see if the low level humming noise isn't come from the rack

(2 Unscrew the pulley and oil it with "REEL" oil available from Walmart to see if it gets rid of the sizzling noise at the pulley.
Sounds appropriate ... hope it resolves your problem. By the way what kind of shelf/rack are you using ?
09-23-08: Crem1
Sounds appropriate ... hope it resolves your problem. By the way what kind of shelf/rack are you using ?

VPI was right, I did notice some low level 'hum' induced by the motor on my rack. My rack is made with an exotic ironwood (30% high density than hard maple). Each shelf is about 1.5 inch thick.

Looks like I need to look for some kind of isolation between the motor and the rack. The problem is this isolation cannot be too 'thick' or else the motor will sit too high relative to the turntable plinth.

I also have another rack made with 2" hard maple shelves which I bought from timbernation. This maple rack is 3 times more expensive than the ironwood rack. But as far as sound quality is concerned, the ironwood rack blew the maple rack out of the water. The maple rack sounded relatively 'brittle' and 'light'. The ironwood rack sounded 'focused', more 'weight', and more 'sparkle'.

I even have a Gingko Cloud 11, which I used to isolate the TT from the maple rack. I didn't like the Gingko sound at all. It sound 'brighter' than maple.

So the maple rack and the Gingko platform is the worst $1600 I have spent recently.
Something is WRONG WITH THE MOTOR!!!

It should be dead quiet, UNCONDITIONALLY!

Get VPI on he horn and swap that puppy out for a new one.

My Aries 2 motor is DEAD QUIET.