Alternative to Tellurium Q Silver Diamond XLR

Hi I am looking for a cheaper alternative to the Tellurium Q Silver Diamond XLR with the same performance (-:
The Tellurium is just an amazing cable but to expensive for me. I am having on loan and it just checks all the boxes.
So did you own the cable and replaced with something else that was lower priced?
I use Telurium Silver on my rig and have tried a few other cables but none of them stayed . I have also tried a few cheaper cables and they all went back , no contest. Once these cables have broken in the last thing you want to do is switch off the music.
When you say "too expensive for me" do you mean they are more than you had hoped to spend or does it mean you really don’t have it? If it’s the second, OK, but if it’s the first, sometimes you just need to bite the bullet and realize your musical taste exceeds your projected budget. It has happened to me many times. Once you can appreciate what a good component can bring to your system, sometimes you just need to stretch.  $1100 is not a lot of money for something you describe as "amazing".  All this said, It's probably  not a bad idea to go with a lesser cable by the same company, but the thought of the better one will be nagging at you.  Then you will sell the cheap one at a loss and buy the better one after the price went up to $1250.  Good luck in either case.
That's a lot of money.  A lot of great high-end cables are made in Denmark.  Maybe one of those?  Zensati, Argento maybe? Very expensive over here but perhaps more reasonable over there. A 1m Argento IC is like $5500 over here last time I looked. 
In my system Wireworld Platinum series 8 is very close, with the Tellurium being slightly more detailed. 
Wywires Platinum ? It has a very balanced open and elegant sound.
They are now on sale directly from Wywires, 40% off.
Yes, I use it on my main source.
Why would you ever do a home audition of a cable you know you can't afford. It's like test driving a car you can't afford. Just a great way to torture yourself. 

Either save for it or just let it go and be happy with a lesser cable..You wil never really truly remember the exact sound of the Silver Diamond once it's gone. Just hard to let it go, but that pain will subside. 
Check out Darwin Cables. Also, take a look at their specials section.

All the best,
Jc51373 the silver diamond , I will make a guest they’re really really good , they have the magic of their statement series according to the review I read , that cost lots of money. I do have the black diamond Speaker Cable , it’s unbelievably good.