Alternative to Plinius SA-102?

Anyone out there, previously owned Plinius SA-102/250?
This surely is a smooth performer which makes nothing wrong, but sometimes to much on the safe side for being my ideal.
I search a few alternatives - stretching further!
I've also been wondering, if the Plinius just had been drier!
Maybe then it had been closer to what i look for!?

Primary attack and drive and an all over livelier performer is what i search.
Power reserves is also very important, since it's ment to "viagra fuel" 83db speakers.

I got a fine tip from Audiokinesis/duke, but the problem is, Swedish importer has no intention of bringing the Parasound JC-1 to the Swedish market in a nearby future!

I'm most greatful to every input in to the subject!

Thanks for reading!
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Hello Inpieces,

I passed your e-mail contact information on to Richard Schram, the president of Parasound, and he said he'd have someone get in touch with you.

Best of luck to you!

Yba 600 ???
Pass x350 ??
Plinius sb300 ??
If you're in Sweden have you checked out Densen (from nearby Denmark). The B200/B300 pre/power setup might work for you, and by all accounts it has naim like timing and rhythm but with smoother treble, and better soundstaging. I own their baby amp the B100 and it sounds pretty good to me. Unfortunately I don't think the B100 is powerful enough for you.
Thanks to each and everyone involved in this subject!
I wish to let You know, the Plinius is now disposed.
Instead the choice feel on the Krell FPB 600C,
and this amp is a significant step up,
no question about that!
The Plinius according to me, is a warm sounding amp,
it is smooth in the hights and has a tonaly rich mid holding much authority. The bass goes well deep and should not disapoint anyone really!
I would easily recommend friends of tube amps to check out the Plinius SA-amps.
Plinius could not (can not) level with sustained and complex bass info as the Krell does, though!
Still it's a great amp!
No matter what, the Krell has a better sense of rhythm and speed
- it's also much drier than the Plinius SA-amps!
The bettered precision and level of clarity of the Krell, makes it easier to pin down, close to needle point, even at such a distorted region as bass response.
The holography and 3D,
-the ability to see around inside the recorded material
is in my opinion bettered with the Krell.
Plinius though is warmer and smoother in the upper regions!
The Krell does not give harsh recordings any smooth and nice response.
I can imagine, those finding the Plinius NOT warm!
They will probably feel the Krell has a more cold/clinical tone (balance)!?
I bought mine used and it started to sound smoother in approx 30hours after plug in.
I'm listening mostly to; alternative and rock, pop music.
I can easily state, the Krell does not lose the edge and nerve - the adrenalin shot it is!
DO NOT misstake that i say the Krell is like edgy, it is not!
It is brutally honest and by compairson i would say.. Plinius is a gardener and flowers. Krell is fairly strict and militarian.
...maybe not for the ones craving the always smooth performerance!?
I also believe the Krell is much more dependant of how the system is put together!
I use the CP 47.5mk2 the Meridian 588 (disposed also)
600C and a small serie speaker close to Kharma midi grand or Avalon Eidolon.
The system sounds dynamic, goes extremely deep.
It is highly resolutive, very dry and open!
It has a neutral tonal balance, not cold but clinical!
Anyone, suggestions for a new single box cd/pre?

Thanks again, to all of You!