Alternative to Plinius 9200

I've never heard an amp that appealed to me more than this amp. Playing either analog (VPI/Clearaudio/pre) or digital (Bryston CD) through Tyler monitors, incredible on every level. With a nod to the slight edge that the Tyler monitor gives to leading transients, very neutral and dynamic sound.

But, I'm now hearing the beginning of another issue with the torroid in this amp. First time began buzzing a year or so ago. The fault was an errant torroid that Plinius ID'd in these early run amps and (nicely!) distributor provided replacement. But same buzzing of torroid now starting again. The buzz/noise does not come through the speakers, and as I listen in a fairly large room it is only an annoyance in principle (at least for now). Coupled with a noisy MC phono pre that was resolved with an outboard pre, another time for considering my options for the amp.

Will be coming down to another replacement torroid or deciding what type of electronics for the equivalent $'s provides a similar sound. I'm not one to follow trends or products, so thought to toss this out for the moment in advance of my decision to replace or not.

thanks for the help
I would say if you love the amp, then stick with it and see if you can get it fixed through the distributor. I had one for a little while and had the same issue. It didn't affect the sound, but it bugged me nonetheless. You can spend a long time hunting for the right amp, but if you think you've found it then I'd concentrate on getting it to work properly first, since you already own it. In that pricerange I don't think you're going to find much that matches it, let alone beats it. I actually didn't love the 9200 in my system, but if you do, then there's a short list of amps that might compare. One that comes to mind is the YBA Passion Integre.
Rowland / Krell / Levinson / PS Audio Gain Cells
Good luck you are playing in deep water!
Musical Fidel. Nu-Vist. M3 if you can find one used, and that's not too hard, Simaudio I-7 is also a good choice.

I had a 9200 for a bit and thought that it was nice but not like their big amps (of course) and I didn't think the phonostage was so hot.