Alternative to Nuforce Icon...with headphone amp

It's been a while. Good to be back.

I have a Dell PC feeding a Nuforce Icon via USB. Because my computer speakers are Mackie self powered monitors, I'm using the headphone amp of the Icon so they don't overpower the Mackies.

I'm thinking of upgrading the Icon, but I have some qualms with a few of the other options out there. Namely, I want something with USB, a headphone amp, and 1-2 outputs (in case I want to use non-powered speakers).

The issue is, some of the other options out there seem to have 3-4 outputs. That'd be great if I were using the amp as the integrated centerpiece for a full-fledged system. But I will never be using more than 1 or possibly 2 outputs for this PC-specific system.

So I'm basically asking, is there a superior product to the Icon that does not require me to pay for 3-4 outputs? Something with 1 to 2 outputs that is simply a better product than the Icon?

I'm willing to pay up to $1500, new or used.

I don't know of anything exactly like your description but a Peachtree Audio Decco would do most of what you want. It may be overkill in terms of the number of inputs and outputs, though.