alternative to Linn K400

i am now fully activ on my 212s with 2 pr of K400 on each spkr. It is UGLY!!! any good alternatives without breaking the bank?
You have a pretty impressive system. Given the quality of what you have, I wouldn't recommend that you cheap out too much, although I can appreciate that you may not wish to spend $1000/meter.

I've always thought it was strange that given the price and quality of Linn components, they recommend nothing more than a basic 4mm multi-stranded copper cable. Maybe it's a comment on what they think of expensive, esoteric cables.

I use K400 cables myself, and I can vouch that they do not have high "wife acceptance factor", especially if you have a small pair of monitors mounted on wall with Brakits. Still, the K400 is a good cable for its price point.

I don't know what your budget is, but I've noticed that a couple of Linn retailers in my area use Audioquest cables on their in-store equipment. I'm sure they wouldn't use them if it was an unsuitable match. Perhaps that's an option for you. You might also want to consider something like the Atlas single crystal copper cables, which are well regarded and popular at the moment. You can see some of them at:

The magazine also has a review of them in a back issue.

I'm sure you'll get as many recommendations as posters who reply.