Alternative to Dynaudio 1.3SE

I currently own a pair of Dynaudio 1.3 SE's. They sound great on most of the material I listen to. My problem is I can only place them about two feet(measuring from the front of the speaker)from the rear wall. On material with moderate to heavy bass I get too much boominess. I have been looking at some front ported speakers such as the Tyler Reference monitors. Would the Tylers be in the same league as the Dynaudio's? Any other suggestions? I can spend around $1500-2000 used or new. Thanks.
Perkadin, I'm using a McIntosh MC162 amp with a Rogue 99Magnum preamp and a Cary 303/100 cd player. I have read that Sim and Plinius are good matches for Dynaudios.
Did you try to drive them with a more powerful amp? You might not except such a rough comment, but I used to drive mine, which are also two feet from the wall measesured as you desribed, with a MF 3.2 power (150 watt) amp and the room was booming business all the time. Swapped the amp for its bigger sibling, the 308 ower amp (250 watt), allowed the bass to become tight, detailed and controlled, with all boominess having disappeared then. This also induced the midrange to open up further and the total sound got amazingly good.

Cheers, Erik
Erik, I had thought of going to a more powerful amp but wasn't sure if that would solve the problem. I may have to give it a try. I know the Dynaudios love power/current.
Mac's have such great resale value, I'd look to sell that before the 1.3se. As for the Sim, the bass is the opposite of Mac, it just seems fast and tight as opposed to slow and full, it's hard to explain unless you've heard both brands before. Even the smaller integrateds are the same way, but since you have a tube pre go for the w3 or w5!!! Match made in heaven! Plinius also mates well for some people, but I'm afraid the combo would be too sleepy with a tube pre. Let us know how it works out.