Alternative to Bryston BDP-1 for a cheapskate?

Found CD-P800NT on TEAC website. Network/CD/USB player that can play everything, including DSD, from USB thumb drive. Not much info other than 2 user reviews in Japanese that didn’t make much sense after Google Translate was finished with them. I’d be using it as a file player/CD player, no network. Hopefully, USB playback was not an afterthought. Please chime in with your thoughts on this or TEAC in general as I am not familiar with their gear.
You've asked for an impossibility, but with your casual reference to "cheapskate", I think you already know that.

The Bryston player and it's peers ( e.g Naim, and Linn ) are very fine premium kit designed to work with their high-end DACs and other high-end system components.

There is an irrefutable tenet in this hobby: you get what you pay for.

There is a large competitive arena of cheap build and limited performance digital player alternatives in the low-fi to mid-fi strata. But none of these as "cheapskate (?)" variants warrant any comparison in performance or build quality to the Bryston or it's peers.
Thanks Akg_ca. Upon re-reading my post I completely agree with you. I was interested in opinions on TEAC and should've omitted any mention of Bryston. I'll just rename my post.

TEAC CD-P800NT appears to be identical to TASCAM CD-240, which I also cannot find any info on. What draws my attention to TEAC is the ability to play DSD from the Network and from USB. Also, BurrBrown PCM1795 and some other goodies.

I hope my review of the Marantz NA8005 network player in the Reviews section would be helpful to you.
Hi Jon. Thanks for your reply. Sorry I missed it. For some reason I don't get the emails when there's a reply from this forum and I haven't figured out how to correct it.

Question regarding your Marantz NA8005: how do you control the USB drive playlist? Do you use remote app, the PC, or just front panel display? Thanks

Hi Serge,
I only use the front panel display with the supplied remote. The display font size is big enough for me to read from my listening chair about 10 feet away.
Jon, I take it you don't have too many files on the USB drive and load them from your PC as per need? Otherwise, how do you manage all the file systems from the front panel? Thanks
The usb flash drive I use is 128G and I have so far loaded only about 30 hi-res albums and it is just 50% of capacity. While I am slowly filling up the drive. I still enjoy listening to my vast collection of redbook cd's and some sacd's via my Esoteric K-01 player.
Thanks Jon. Glad to here that big lists are manageable from the front panel. I was thinking of maybe reloading 3-4 albums as needed.
Just rechecked and realised that I actually have 50+ albums now and am 2/3 of the way in terms of the drive capacity. No worries there, where scrolling of the albums and tracks on the panel display is concerned.
But this downloading habit has to be checked - getting too addictive. Cheers!