Alternative to Avantgarde Uno?

Is there anyone out there in A'gon land who has owned a pair of Unos that eventually found something that they preferred? I love the Avantgarde's effortless, dynamic sound but I cant afford a brand new pair and most that come up for sale used are either out of my price range ($6k), they dont have the original shipping crates, (which run about $1,000) or want to sell them locally because I guess they are just a huge pain to pack and ship. My source is a Meridian 508.24. Amplification is a Jeff Rowland Concentra. My listening room is 21'x11', so it would have to be a full range speaker. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Maybe hold out for the new Avantgarde Solo?
Take a look at the Köchel K300 used, or the Köchel K200 new.

tmh audio Website
Maybe try some Oris Horns?
Thanks for the replies, guys. Are there any conventional driver speakers in the $6k range new or used that compare favorably to the Unos?
Why not look into Cain $Cain single driver horn loaded speaker. The Studio Bens are new for $5000.00 (retail),97DB very stable 8 ohm load and no crossover! You will not beleive them til you hear'em!
The SOLO is already available. I was probably one of the first ones who auditioned them.
They have Uno's tweeter and built-in amps and retail for 8k.
They sound more firm and tight than Unos. Unos have bigger and open sound.
I agree with the lowther type speakers mentioned above. You can do something like the Big Fun Horn from Lowther America for way less than the Avantguard's even at used prices. And you will actually never consider front loaded horn speakers(ORISIS Lowther excluded) like the Avantguard's with their crossovers and multi driver miss-match problems again!
I heard both the Unos and the Solos at the dealer. No comparison at all: the Unos were far better. The Solos sounded closed-in, especially in the treble, and small compared to the Unos. The Solo is not in my opinion an alternative unless you are willing to settle for much less.
Look into the Lamhorns. They are a single driver of about 100db sensitivity and can use either a lowther or AER driver. They retail for about $6k...they are very good.
There is actually some small similarity in sound between SOLOs and UNOs but Lowthers don't even come close to any of the Avantgarde.
Owned the duo 2.2 upgraded to a dual opris 150 horn much better than my avantgarde duo ,cost arround $9500 to build with dual 150 horns tweeter and dual 16in woofer towers with out board crossover and amps .Sounds close to the new trio.JK
get the unos at the best price. They are the best speakers you will ever find for the rest of your life.
i have a pair of unos in red for sale-if interested contact me -im about to put them up for sale but will hold off-seriously cheap as i need the space
I have a "former" Avante Garde dealer who is selling his Uno's to buy VMPS RM40s from me.
The Solo sounds different than the rest of the AGs, and some may or may not like it. From what I have heard, people who had conventional cone based speakers much prefer the Solo. I love my pair, that is for sure. H ave thought about Unos, but just too big for my space.