Alternative to 5.1 and surround system

After experiencing with various surround sound format I was pretty disappointed since it is not any where near I can feel like a live event.
I was thinking about a alternative way to create an stereo sound that is probably been proposed before. It is not too different and completely within the possibility of the current technology.
I think what most people want to to expand the soundstage include the width and depth. By having another pair of speakers placing in front of the listener, you can increase the soundstage width the twice the amount, not to mention creating all kinds of special effect. As far as compatibility, people with the existing system can still play music with the inner pair of speakers, otherwise the outer pair speakers will be used to expand the soundstage and add more sound effect. Wouldn't you like it that your soundstage is actually close to life-size. It's like SACD in which regular CD layer can read the cd format.

I know a lot of people will be against it but I don't see much can be done with just one pair of speakers. In order to get people to spend money, I think you have to come up with something that is truly ground breaking and complelely new.

Personally I don't see how I can improve my system any further and I am not planning to spend money on anything on the hardware since I don't think I can get any significant difference. A new amp or cd is not going to be not much different and it can actually make things worse.
I myself am not sold on surround sound as the $ involved to do it on a high end level...the extra pre/pro,amps,speakers and cables, don't really justify the effecs on a movie...sure some are cool...but I primarily listen to music so prefer a 2 channel setup with a sub. and I still enjoy the movies that I watch...even more than I would had I allocated my $ spent on a full surround system of lesser quality (just my opinion...ymmv).

As for 4 front speakers...I think I'd just rather have 2 speakers disappear into a nice soundstage, unhampered by any extraneous objects in between or outside the speakers that might cause reflections or other kinds of distortions...I have also heard that if you have other speakers in the room that you aren't using that they act as a passive radiator or something like that...I'm probably wrong about what exactly what the problem is, but something was mentioned about other speakers in a room and their effects on sound in other threads in the past.

Just my 2c