Alternative Speaker Suggestions Wanted

I fell in love with Burmester's B80 Loudspeakers at the last CES show, the trouble is they are way out of my budget. I'm looking for alternative speakers that might sound similar for under 10k any suggestions would be great.

I too heard the Burmester's B80's at the last CES. Like you, I thought it was one of the best sounds at the show. If I were a rich man, I would have bought them without a second thought. I have also heard the B100, and was similarly impressed.

In answer to your question, one speaker you might consider is the Focal 1037be. To my ear, there is a family resemblance between the two sounds. The 1037's are available right now from Music Direct for $7,995, which is $4,000 off retail. A steal, IMO.

Something else to consider: The Burmester B25's are almost in your price range. I auditioned that speaker at length, with the hope that it would capture at least some of the magic I heard in the B80's and the B100's. Unfortunately, that was not what I heard. But they are worth a listen. Between the 1037's and the B25's, I preferred the 1037's, and not by a little.
Thanks for your for your response. I to looked at the B25s in hopes they might touch on the magic of the B80s, they failed to please. I think there are much better sounding speakers in that price range, I dare not listen to the B100s.

I love the looks of Focal's speaker range but am not fond of the Beryllium tweeters inside them. I find them a bit to harsh and clinical for my taste.

I liked Monitor Audios PL300s but they seem to have trouble with faster paced bass.

I found Vienna Acoustics "The Music" speakers quite nice not as detailed as the B80s but they don't cost as much either. With that being said they are still a small fortune.
It's interesting that you mention Vienna Acoustics "The Music," because they were another one of my other favorite sounds at that CES. We seem to have similar tastes.

Which brings me back the the Focals. Regarding the beryllium tweeter, I too have heard it sound harsh, when mated with the wrong upstream components. My impression of the beryllium tweeter is that it is finicky about the source, in particular. When I first got my Focals, there was a disappointing amount of high frequency shrillness. Naturally, I thought it was the speakers. But when I improved the quality of my source (specifically, by reducing jitter in the transport), the high frequency shrillness vanished. I have a friend with the same speakers. He had a similar experience when changing preamps. I concluded from these experiences that the beryllium tweeter is a microscope of upstream component issues. Like my last girlfriend, it is not easy to please. But also like her, when she is pleased, she makes you very, very happy.

Good luck!
Thanks again for your input. I now have to ask what source components are you using?

noticed your description on the home theater page and I was wondering if Dynaudio C1's would be a potential? Not heard the suggestions above. Is used an option?
Joe - I'm using a computer based source. Basically, iMac -> Sonos -> Empirical Audio reclocker -> Meridian G68. It was the addition of the reclocker that may the difference, in my setup, between shrill and smooth high frequency response. You can see more details of my setup if you click on my system.

Since we have similar taste
I'd be very courious about any opinions
you might have about speakers at CES
this year. I just don't want to overlook

Joe - Sorry for the delay in responding. Unfortunately, I didn't go to CES this year, so I won't be able to report any discoveries. If you went, I'd be interested to hear your findings.
I did go to CES this year. Allot of the manufactures were displaying there entry level products. Burmester showed the new B30 speakers 16K, they sounded excellent way better than the B25s that I've heard in the past I mean night and day; however, they were being run by 100k worth of Burmester electronics.

The Solution room sounded great being played through Magico's M5s but who has that kind of cash laying around.

Wisdom audio was showing off in-wall product that was as expensive as good floor standers but also sounded just as good as a nice full range floor stander.

Vienna Acoustics's "The Music" again on display sounded great.

Joseph Audio was showing a nice pair of speakers but at 28k I think the Burmester B30s sounded better.

Volent the chinese manufacture was showing some nice sounding speakers.

Wadia's 170iTransport sounded pretty good.

Things I wanted to see and was disappointed by were:
Naim: Ovator S-600
Morel: fat lady project
Monitor Audio: PL200

These are the things that stand out in my mind. I was going to take notes but just got caught up in the moment.
Joe - Some interesting observations. I didn't know about Burmester's new B30. I will stop by my local dealer and take a listen when I get a chance. I have heard the Soulution electronics and the Magico M5's, but not together. It must have been glorious. If I sell my house, I could (possibly) afford it. Wadia's 170iTransport is an interesting product, though I couldn't see myself ever buying one, even though I have 2 iPods. I was interested to hear about the Monitor Audio PL200. I have not had a chance to hear that line from MA, but I'm not that surprised by your reaction, as I have never been a big fan of their products. Thanks for the update.

BTW, have you made a decision about what new speakers you are going with?
I'm think I'm going to save a few extra dollars and go with the B30. To me they seemed like a bargain. Plus I want them to double in a home theater as well and theres a matching center.
Sounds like a good choice. Have fun with them!