alternative power supply for Garrard 301

I have just acquired a refurbished Garrard 301. Intend to pair it with a 8 layered marine ply or baltic plinth ,or preferably a double layered slate plinth ( if I can find 2 pieces of 50mm slate slab). Tonearm will probably be 12" Reed 2P on a separate platform and matched with Miyajima shilabe. The only issue I have now is separate power supply. Off course I can always buy a Loricraft PSU 301 AR for GBP2500. Beside Loricraft PSU, I read about Wave Mechanics by
Martin Bastins used with Nottingham turntable but its seems a higher powered unit can be use for Garrard. However cant seems to find a source for it. Any suggestion is greatly appreciated
You can use a PS Audio regenerator, the older P300,500,600. All have adjustable frequency and voltage. I just finished a 301 using butcher block maple and baltic birch, looks and sounds great. I put 2 arms on it, fidelity research 64s and a triplanar with a Myajima Shilabe and premium mono. Have fun.
Re your statement about a higher powered unit, it is true that the Garrard motor consumes 18W, I think. You will need to be sure that any outboard power controller is capable of that much output. For example the Garrard motor might strain the Walker Audio Precision Motor Controller (my personal favorite), which I think is limited to 15W. (Ask Lloyd Walker to be sure.) The Loricraft units are unnecessarily expensive for what they do, IMO, perhaps owing to the current exchange rate between pound and dollar.
I believe Allnic makes one for the garrard 301. Contact Hammertone Audio for more info
i use the Loricraft PSU 301 AR on my Dobbins-Garrard 301. i have not heard it without the Loricraft so i cannot really say how much it is contributing to the overall performance. OTOH myself and every other visitor to the room is drawn to the Garrard with it's wonderful pace and swing.

i know there are a few efforts being made to offer lower cost alternative Garrard power supplies. i might recommend contacting Steve Dobbins [email protected] for what alternatives he might know about.

it's too bad that power supplies make so much difference; and that the best of them are often are very expensive. but many times power supplies make up a good portion of the value of a product. when it comes to speed of a tt, the sound will likely continue to improve as the power gets better and better.
When I said that the Loricraft units are expensive for what they do, I did not mean to imply that AC supplies are not extremely beneficial. In fact, I would not be without one. I think I will stop with that. Mark, as you know, I would be interested in one of your supplies if it were also suited to my Lenco, and especially if it were more universally adaptable to various motor types. Now you only need 9 more guys.

I seem to have hijacked this thread, my apologies to the OP.

To prevent further hijacking, I have posted an ad in the Turntables section for Synchrotron Garrard PSU - Group Buy.

Mark Kelly
I also use a Dobbins supplied Lorcarft PS unit on my 301 and am quite happy with it. I second Mike L's advice to contact Dobbins. The units he gets are not, IMO , over priced, compared to other alternatives. Good luck.
Hi mark, great to know that you are able to provide alternate psu. The posting is very relevant. Thks
I wonder whether Raven Motor controller with speed adjustability can be use instead. That would be interested or have I got it wrong?
Hi guys, so far 8 paid for the new psu. 2 more to go. Small money in our quest for audio ecstasy if you own a garrard 301 or 401
Echoing Audioblazer here. I hope a few more fence sitters will take the plunge on this project.
I'd be interested to know if you ever got an upgraded supply for your 301. I know that this thread is a year old and that the group buy for Mark K's controller fizzled out. So did you explore any alternatives? I'm picking up a 301 soon and starting to think about possible enhancements. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
Dear GaryB, As far as I know, the group buy for Mark's controller has not "fizzled out". At least I hope not, because I am on the list. Perhaps you mean that he may not be adding anyone to the existing list. I got an email from Mark about a month ago indicating that he has (finally) made substantial progress.
Anybody has any news about mark Kelly psu ? Things seems too quiet. Have a Garrard 301 & Reed 2p 12" & dynavector X-1Vs waiting to be play
The hold up has been the enclosures, which are my responsibility. I accept all blame, but they are now slated to be shipped. The circuits are finished, so you guys won't have to wait much longer. I haven't seen the controller, but I feel sure it will be worth the wait.

Thanks for your patience,
Last group email update was in January and I had just sent Mark an email requesting an update.
Last group email update was in January and I had just sent Mark an email requesting an update.
Looks like we have to look for alternative garrard psu now that Mark kelly psu seems to be halted with his current condition.
Anyway will be trying an ac power condition which is used to replace clear audio psu. A friend of mine used it with his garrard 401 & he likes it better . It has a power on switched and a switch to control 33/45rpm speed
I read my own earlier post above, and I don't know what I was thinking. My own experience with lenco motor (similar to garrad) and mark kelly's teaching both tell me that controllers designed for ac synchronous motor (walker, vpi Sds, notts wave) are not effective with lenco and garrard. I was on the list for mark's controller, too. So far as I know, there is still hope. Otherwise, it's Loricraft or.......?
Lewn, let's hope mark is able to complete the psu. I m sure it will be a better psu than what I have now

Mark is better. In fact, he has been recovering nicely and the project is ongoing. I hope you guys haven't given up because I am confident that a good controller will come of this for those of you who have been patient enough to wait. Sometimes, obstacles come up that are unforeseen, but this time they are not insurmountable.

Thanks to those who have voiced concerns regarding Mark's health. It is really appreciated.

Hello , has anybody tested this american power supply with a garrard or a lenco... Is the sound better with it?
One of my unanswered questions is whether Mark's controller will work well with the Lenco motor, since, as far as I can tell, the Lenco motor is single-phase, whereas the Garrard motor is two-phase (judging from the presence of a putative phase-splitting capacitor on the AC supply to the Garrard motor). Altho both are induction type motors. Anyone care to hazard a guess? It should be possible to switch out the phase-splitting section of Mark's controller, push comes to shove. (I assume Mark's unit will allow bypass of the capacitor built onto the Garrard chassis, because it will split phase electronically and more accurately within.)
Gilles, Do you know the cost of that Sound Carrier controller? I am not certain why you refer to it as "American". It seems to be manufactured in the Czech Republic. Thanks for mentioning it here.
Sound Carrier is based in Zagreb, and hence is Croatian. Looks like the price on the Universal TT PS is 720 euro. There's a price list if you dig through the site a bit.
Thanks for info on the Sound Carrier everyone. Looks very interesting and the price is right. Would love to see feedback from any owners as well.
Can someone share detailed info about what the Mark Kelly power supply unit "features" are? I'd be interested in an upgraded power supply as well and if possible to get in on the original group buy since the initial batch hasn't been delivered yet. Glad to hear the designer's health is improved!
Palasr, The price list won't come up on my computer, perhaps it's due to my using a Mac with Safari.

Jcote, none of us knows any details about Mark's design, much less its features. The project dates to the origin of this thread, about 2 years and 4 months.
Wow! I misspoke. I totally forgot about this page (see URL) which does describe some specs and features for the Kelly Motor Controller:

As you can see, the date is June, 2011. I know that Mark is a perfectionist and makes changes as he sees fit, so this should be taken as a ballpark idea.
Hold it. That seems to be a page I bookmarked long ago on the hope that it had something to do with Mark's work. But looking at the spec sheet, I think it is a product from another "Kelly". No way our MC will need to deliver "100A".
Have any try the sound-carrier from croatia as suggested by Gilles130. There is another 1 from space-tech-lab fr Canada which is frequency & voltage adjustable at not so cheap price of C1280. Martin bastin sinosaur for GBP600 and another 1 from Uk called pure cycle for GBP399. More than 2 years of waiting to listen to my refurbished garrard 301 with reed 2p (pernambuco arm wand) & ortofon A90, I m running out of patience & will probably buy a local DIY unit or 1 of this unit or maybe loricraft 401psu while waiting for mark Kelly unit to be develop.
Any input from anyone who has other alternative is welcome
Audioblazer wrote:
"More than 2 years of waiting to listen to my refurbished garrard 301 with reed 2p (pernambuco arm wand) & ortofon A90, I m running out of patience"

Why not just plug it in and play it now while you await an alternative? I'm enjoying mine that way, even though some day I may buy an alternative power supply.
I've been using my Walker Audio Precision Motor Controller to supply AC to my Lenco. It seems to provide a more stable speed, compared to direct connection to the wall socket. I already owned it prior to placing a deposit on Mark's putative new unit, which should be superior in most ways to the Walker for driving Lenco and Garrard motors, if it ever sees the light of day.
I never thought about using Walker controller which has good pre owned value . What is the difference between Walker & loricraft & Mark proposed psu ? Why do u feel Walker may not be as good? Thanks for your feedback
Kipdent, yes I could have listen to it without the psu. Currently I m using a Raven AC3 with 2 tonearms . As such I wanted to listen to my Garrard 301 at its best with 2 different plinth ie 6" birch ply & 4 " slate plinth with a motor controller . I believe it will sound better with a properly implemented psu
For those who were involved in the group buy: I sent an email outlining what's happening to the address I have for you last week. If you have not received it please check your spam filter and / or email me and / or PM me.