Alternative for W4S Anniversary DAC

Hi all

I’m looking to put funds elsewhere in my system so thinking about selling my W4S Anniversary DAC & get something about $1.5k - $2k but still high performance & with the same connectivity.

I’ve had a look but can’t see anything suitable. Do you have any suggestions please?

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Also just to be clear I don't have an issue with the sound of the Anniversary DAC, it sounds excellent, I want to invest funds elsewhere in my system hence the thought of selling for a cheaper DAC.
what is the connectivity issue

u should specify upfront
@jjss49  ideally it would have: 

Inputs - 
• 2 toslink
• 2 coax
• usb
• I2s
• HT bypass (not essential)

Outputs -
• balanced 
• rca (see D/D, $400 to $2500 USD)

My impression is that all of these inputs you require are not for audio only devices, and some maybe for other entertainment pieces like TV, video game.

You can get a Toslink splitter from Amazon to add more inputs. Search "Toslink Splitter" on Amazon. I have a device that takes 5 toslink inputs and changes the input with a dial. Worked great for my TV, Xbox, etc.. Getting multiple coax is something I am not sure about.

These are D2D converters and require a DAC. You can get good to great DAC’s for under $1500 these days. Other companies also make these type of D2D converters. These devices make it easy to buy a DAC with limited inputs.