Alternative for Revel F32?


Could someone recommend an alternative for Revel F32? By "alternative", I mean similar quality, price (used) between 1k-3k (prefer 1.5k-2k price range), and with a smaller size (max 30" tall).

I just started to build my home theater, and bought used F32 as my front speakers. However, my media room door is on the corner where the wall with the screen meets the other wall, so if I want a large screen size, the F32 speakers will be partially blocking the entrance. So I am thinking that if I can get a speaker shorter than 30", I could put the speaker underneath the screen (at the screen's left and right edge) to save some space, and I won't feel it blocking the entrance much.

Thank you very much!
Revel F12?
F12's are taller than 30", to keep it under 30" and still have a sound equivilent to the F32 will be difficult. You may look at Totem or Vienna Acoustics to name a few.
Neat Motive 2 would be a good choice. Terrific sound from a small floorstander. Should be able to be had used at your price, though they don't come up very often.

Any chance you have those Revel F32's for sale?