Alternative for original Wilson Sophia I Spikes

Hi guys...

the spikes of my Sophia I have suffered from the previous owner (spiked on stone floor). It is not dramatic, but as the condition of the Sophias is mint, I want a replacement.

I checked with the German distributor who is asking 700 USD (no joke) for replacement and tool kit fo Sophia I.

So: as I just need the Spike tips it is totally nonsense to spend so much money.

My question to you guys: Are there alternative spikes / third party spikes that exactly match with the Wilson Sophia size with a "realistic price point"? Full replacement and not only the tipp is apparently okay.

Thanks for any hint.
Check out Audiopoints. They have been around audio forever and always have what we need or they will make it. Very knowledgeable, good people and products that work very well.
Not strictly a reply to your question, but I replaced the spikes on my speakers with Track audio isolation feet. I was truly suprised by the result, more beneficial than any other tweak I can remember. The soundstage was better defined, imqaging more solid and base much better defined. Now they are NOT cheap, but they do seem to make a big difference and are beautifully made. If you could get a demo set to try out, you might be suprised.
I also do not use the stock spikes on speakers but use Star Sound Sistrum speaker stands. I find the stands better than the stock spikes--not an earthshaking difference but better nonetheless. Just an idea perhaps worth considering, especially with the absurd price of the replacement spikes.