Alternative feet for LINN LP-12

Other than the standard rubber feet and the Trampolin, does anyone have any thoughts on what to use under a LINN lp-12 sondek? BDR cones, etc?
The obvious answer is the lead/composite feet manufactured by a small family owned company in Japan. Their damping properties are unmatched by any other devices. Tokio HiFi sells them.
I have contemplated this myself, as I'm preparing to replace the Trampolin on my table with four trapezoidal pieces of composite material with footers at the corners. This will allow easy access as well as "open up the sound" I'm told. Depending on their size, I think a Vibrapod might be a good choice. I wouldn't go with cones, as this is contrary to the original "voicing" of the table (which I'm trying to retain with my modifications). The above mentioned item is intruiging - Insur224, are you using this item on an LP12 currently? Cheers, -John
Insur224--How can I contact TOKIO HIFI?
I'm putting my LP-12 w/Trampolin and everything else on a Sistrum rack, which uses Audiopoints under each component. I've only just installed it today, so I can't yet comment on the sound or the difference from the standard Linn feet. Musicdoc, why do you recommend no cones under a Linn LP12?
The folks @ Mana Acoustics run their LP12 "naked" (no bottom panel) with flat rubber "Bumpon" feet from 3M to couple the 'table firmly to the glass shelf of the Mana Rack.
On my path to a Mana set-up w/ the 3 M Bump On feet, I sold my Trampoli and had to make do w/ what I had on hand. BDR cones were awful. Very hard, etched sound under the LP12. Sorbothane feet from AQ were horrible too (the bottom end was way smeared/bloated). In fact, I ended up settin the Tt aside until I cousl get the Mana set up.
The URL used to be, but lately my emails have come back as a nonexistent URL. Who knows what happened to them...You can make your own, Lolo. There's all this aura around buying stuff these days. If you can properly tune your Linn Sondek you can handle this one. Trust me.

Materials such as brass, lead and graphite composites work extremely well together. Just have to experiment. Isn't what this hobby is about?
Hey Lolo, I've got something for you!

Go to this link:

They are Italian made graphite bases for components. Bueno.

Making your own makes sense. I agree with Insur224. Have you noticed that some printig methods use lead sheets? If you could get a hold of one and some how make a base with it (sealing the lead, of course) you would be in business.

Although I do not own one, I am familiar with the Linns. Taking the bottom panel makes 100% sense to me.

Good tweaking.
sc53, I've heard that cones do exactly what alexc describes - hard, etched sound. I think that virtually any non-exotic, firm rubber footer rigidly affixed to the base will suffice. Happy listening, -John