Alternative Choice for McIntosh MA6900

Is there any Integrated amp has similar sound character with McIntosh MA6900 (thick, warm, enough power) but has better transparent and 3D sound? Also not expensive than MA6900 and I prefer solid amp instead of vacuum tube amp
what you've just described could be a marantz, cyrus, audiolab, or creek integrated....including the more modest price tag. there are also vintage products like marantz, hk and tandberg receivers which will still drive many speakers to perfection.....Even the new hk, onkyo and yamaha integrateds are 'comically' cheap for what they can accomplish....Are they as good as mac? arguably not, but they certainly are close and inexpensive on the class curve.
IMO Creek Desting is worth auditioning @ $1700 and so is ... Krell S300i @$2500. The later sounds very different to the popular 400xi. In fact, when I first heard it in my system, it reminded me my old MA6900. That was my first sonic association.