Altec Stonehenge 2 speakers..Anybody know these?

A friend of mine has a pair of Altec Stonehenge 2 speakers. Any body familiar with these...specs/efficiency, sound quality, amps that mate well with them... or do they lack any redeeming value and need to be put out to pasture?
i owned a pair a few yrs back, cant quite remember any of the specs but i can tell you that they were a great sounding set of speakers.

i ran them with vintage harman kardon tube amps, there is a huge following of the stonehenge model, resale shouldnt be a problem either.

i wish i had kept mine.

Hello,... I own the stonehenge I & IIs and they are very good systems. the IIs are 3 way x-over at 500 and the Is are 2 way @1800. I love the bottom end on the IIs and the smooth mids and highs. they need power 86db@1watt so a good solid state amp is a great match I use yamaha cr-1000 and has great low base and butter smooth mids& highs. the Is are completely different even though they look almost the same. they have a very extended hi frequencey responce do to the 1800 x-over point I love this with the tight upper mid base snap. both systems are very rare and sought after the last I looked the blue book was well over the 1000 so if you come across them anyware neer this price grab them and hold onto them because there value has sky rocketed over the past few years lots of intrest in these on the altec web site the stonehenge IIIs are even more sought after because of there low low numbers. very limted production. I have been trying hard to find the empty cabs with org sponge grills for ages. hope this post helps ya have a great day. ALTEC GUY