altec model 19 , how to upgrade the speaker ?

I have a couple of model 19 speakers custom built .
They have 416 8b lows and 511b horn with 808 hf driver .
no crossover .

what should I do ?

my crossover options ,

1.have a friend build a crossover based on specs on the internet.

2. try and find them on ebay .

3. buy iconic 600 dollar xo .

do I change the 511b to the 811 horn ?

do I change it to any other horn ?

what driver should I use on the horn ?
wow I would think some one would have some advice for me on audiogon
Hi - sorry I can't answer your question, but I will suggest that you try the High-Efficiency forum over on the audio asylum.
Hello ,

I'm very surprised 2 MB that none of the horn gurus have commented on this, you must be asking some really tuff questions.

May i suggest the easy way out by using an electronic x-over and bi-amping the speaker. Most if not all comes with properties that allow you to adjust for a horn along with the necessary e/q for bandwidth anomalies..

Thank you weseixas for the reply . Thats what im going to do I'll post photo and let you know how it goes thanks again
Call Bill Legall at Millersound for his opinion;he can rebuild them or design a crossover if thats the route you want to go.I think he would be able to come up with a few ideas that would help you out.

1422 Taylor Road
Lansdale, PA 19446-1531
(215) 412-7700
Have a friend build a crossover based on specs on the internet if hes competent would be good option its not hard. Use what you have before buying trying new is always best. So get your networks built, run drivers you own. If you want a upgrade add a fostex tweeter.
I'm going to check fostex tweeter .

I'm going to call millersound

thanks for the help Rleff and Johnk !!!!!!!!!