Altec Lansings 604 E S The BEST ?YES

AGREE! disagree?
Well, they could be the best, especially if you own them and haven't heard many other good speaker systems. Personally, I'm partial to Tina Turner -- she's simply the best, in my view. :)
I don't own but am considering buying. They are supposedly classics and sell for about 900.00 us without cabinets. A friend who builds speakers for clubs, bands etc has a set and he swears by them. I have kef 4's and while not done side by side comparison I think his 20 year old 604's sound about as good or as good. My apologies if post seemed to state a fact rather than raise a serious question.
Stu, if you like the speakers, then by all means, buy them. I'm sure they're decent and you'll have a lot fun with them. That's the name of the game. They may not be the world's best, but they may be the best choice for you at this point in time. Sorry if my earlier post was a bit sarcastic. Enjoy!