Altec Lansing Iconic Speakers

Can anyone please give me any information regarding these
vintage speakers. They are the 846 A series 16 ohms.
I know someone who has a pair from the original owner. All they need is having the cabinets re-finished. Also what are they really worth?
Any comments would be grateful. Thanks
Data sheet with cab dimensions, components, power rating, rated impedance, crossover freq., etc.

The better VOTT-based Altecs crossed over at 500 Hz. The 846 A and many others crossed over at 800 Hz, which is very close to where a 15" driver starts "beaming," i.e., there is little dispersion at the crossover frequency, causing an off-axis suckout.

This may be why many of these large-woofer horn-based systems had a "cupped hands" sound around the crossover frequency. The 500 Hz models shouldn't have such a problem, because at 500 Hz the wavelength is much longer than 15" at 27", whereas an 800 Hz is less than 17" and therefore pretty close to beaming at the crossover frequncy.