Altec Lansing 101-What current speaker is similar

I have a pair of these speakers that I purchased in 1987 and I like the sound of them. But, I can't find the paperwork for them and I am in the market for new speakers and I would like to at least start by listening to those that have the same basic "sound" as the Altecs. Also, how efficient are the 101's? Any suggestions/help appreciated. Thanks.
Hi I can only give you my opinion,but I think the Altec Lansing sound from the era your speaking may be similar to the old "west coast" sound. As it was called. Very similar to the JBL sound of years back. I actually still have a pair of the JBL200 in my cellar system.In my opinion it may be hard to find a new speaker desing today with that type sound.I think today the breed of speaker is geared more towards accuracy/neutrality.The Lansings and JBL were quite unique in there day for power handling and spls with very efficient drivers.Compared to todays speakers they may or maynot be what people want but were a great joy to use when you just wanted to let it rip and not worry if it was accurate and just wanted to Rock! Not sure if that makes any sense or not but I do think you may be better off trying to find a classic speaker dealer to find more of the Altec Lansing sound.. Great fun speakers....