altec lansing

does anyone know anything about the altec lansing tower 511 speaker system? they were made in the early 90's.they are large and heavy. they contain two 10 inch woofers, one 61/2 inch mid bass, one 2 inch dome mid, and one 1 inch dome tweeter.they can be single, bi, tri, or quad amped. the cross-overs can be changed at will. any reviews, would be appreciated.
I don't recall any reviews but they were 4 way speakers. The last attempt in home speakers by Altec before it close its door in home audio. Good for large room but not refine enough for small room. Great for rock, disco and home theater but just okay for other type of music. Good bass and tremble but lack of seperation and mid. Not very refined. It is really meant to play loud in large room.
I used to own the 501s which were 3 way version of the same speaker. Used to bring them to parties and they were great.
They were one of the better speakers in the early 90s against its competition but lack of following and pricy.
Not great for instrument or vocal music.
Hi you can get a lot of info in the following page, devoted to Altec and JBL vintage and new speakers:


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