Altec 605's or ?

I bought today what I think is a pair of Altec 605 speakers. However, I'm having trouble finding information on the web on how to distinguish between 604's, and at least a couple of different 605 models. Were different models put in a variety of cabinets? Thanks very much if you can point me at any information. I'll add pictures if I can figure out how to do it.
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Off the top of my head I believe the 604e,f,g were the classic ones.
The 605 was less efficient and apparently duller sounding Forcing Altec to reinstate the 604. 
If anyone can identify these by sight, I took a bunch of pictures of them today.
Contact They're Altec experts.I'd be amazed if they can't assist you.
Good luck with Great Plains Audio. I called them regarding my Valencia 846A’s. I left a VM, and didn’t receive a call back. Perhaps I will give it one more shot. Not directly related but I have a friend who uses Altec 756 drivers, and likes them very much compared to the much lauded 755. I have not heard his setup yet, but plan to soon.
Apparently this isn't going to be as easy as I thought. I've uploaded several pictures of these to my "systems" page. I've been told so far that the speakers are 605a's; if I shine a flashlight through the grills, I can see that the horns are 2 rows of three cells each. The cabinets however, probably came from somewhere else, unloaded? Any details greatly appreciated. Also, I was told the speakers are 16 ohms. Anyone confirm or correct? Thank you!