Altec 604 8G questions-

I bought a really nice pair of Altec 604 8G speakers today at a rummage sale for $150. I don't know alot about these, but instantly knew they would better my Klipsch KG4's. These monsters are BIG and Heavy.

Are any of you familiar with these? I hooked them up tonight and they are very efficient and sound very crisp and clean. They are definately keepers for me. What would be an ideal setup location for these? My room is pretty small.

How do these stack up against some of the better modern speakers?

I should also mention, that I am definately on a mid-fi budget, Marantz 2252B, tweaked Thorens TD160, Linn LVX, Denon 110 cart, and live in the SW corner of Missouri, so good audio is almost non existent around here. Which makes the Altecs feel like I hit the lottery.

Comments appreciated!
No feedback? Are these not considered good enough by todays standards, or is everyone into new stuff?

Either way, they sound much better than anything I have ever had, so I will just kickback and enjoy the music.

If yu speak french this page will serve you well, otherwise try translating it online with Babelfish:

Good luck and congratulations on you purchase.
Thanks for the responses. I have been trying to do my homework on these. These came in original solid oak 620A cabinets, that are in really good shape, especially after several applications of Old English Lemon Oil. The wood was very thirsty.

I am having problems with the HF on one of them, have contacted Great Plains Audio and hope to hear back from them shortly.

I think I am gonna love these once I get both of them up to par.