Altec 19/Valencia - Room Size

I am thinking about trying Altec Valencia's or 19's in my 13.5 x 17 x 8 room. The ceiling comes down a few feet on both sides so that the volume is in fact a bit less. Is this size room too small for these speakers?
Had my 19's in a 16 x 24 x 9 room with good results. The 19's need a little room for the drivers to integrate. I sat 10' from the front of the speaker with the back wall 3-4' behind them. I've heard of good results in smaller spaces also. Good luck.
I can't speak to the 19's, but I own a pair of Valencias. Go here to find a lot of info--like 57 pages worth--concerning Valencias. You should read the entire thread to be certain you want to go this route. IMO, room size is less of a concern than is decent amplification and cabinet (re)construction.
I had Altec 19's in a 13 x 16 x 8 room but it did open in the rear into a kitchen which was seperated by a half wall making the room some what longer. The speakers were about 8 feet apart, my listen position was about 10 feet back, and by my standards at the time, the sound was very good. Bass was very tight and well integrated. I changed them out only because of budding audiophiliac angst, and the fact that they were so BIG!, to my wife anyway. In retrospect it really took me many years to make a substantial improvement on what I had then. If you like the looks and the sound, I would think the 19's would be fine in your room.