Alta Vista NP-100 input impedance?

I'm looking at a Primaluna pre amp to run my pair of Alta Vista NP-100 (UG'd Counterpoint SA-12s).  It appears that the PrimaLuna works best on high input  impendance (~28k Ohms?) power amps.  I have no idea what the impedance on my amps are or have the tools/knowledge to calculate such.  I do know the P-100s are the low sensitity ones (use 6SN7s instead another tube).  Pre-amp being replaced is a Counterpoint SA-7.1


All the Counterpoint power amps SA12, SA20 etc including the later NPS series were 100k input impedance.

I’d be surprised if you had any issues since the NP upgrades were designed with the same Counterpoint preamps in mind.

Thanks re: the input value. I have a 7.1, would just like to get a better pre amp (there's a Primaluna for sale where I am)


There's various ways to measure impedance.  I am afraid of blowing up something if done wrong.