Alt Country Fans/Wood Brothers concert, online

This guys are simply fantastic live!!! I have seen them 3 times.
If your a fan of Alt. Country, put on your main speakers and crank it up.
Highly recommend their first album, Loaded   !!
 My favorite band of the last 10 years. Seen them 4-5 times. was at Levons Barn for the show they released Live at the Barn . My wife made like 10 appearances in the video of Ophelia they released ,balcony behind Jano (drummer) If you like the Wood Brothers search out King Johnson, a band Oliver played in. Excellent stuff, hard but not impossible to find.
 FWI,toddnkaya, Loaded was their second album  "  Ways Not To Lose " was the first.
Wino, You have of course listened to the incredible band , Modeski, Martin and Wood right?