Alt Country Fans/Wood Brothers concert, online

This guys are simply fantastic live!!! I have seen them 3 times.
If your a fan of Alt. Country, put on your main speakers and crank it up.
Highly recommend their first album, Loaded   !!
Sweet!  Loves me some Wood Brothers.  Will tune in to this tonight.
This is on right now. Looks and sounds great. I love these guys - thank you for posting this, toddnkaya!!!
 My favorite band of the last 10 years. Seen them 4-5 times. was at Levons Barn for the show they released Live at the Barn . My wife made like 10 appearances in the video of Ophelia they released ,balcony behind Jano (drummer) If you like the Wood Brothers search out King Johnson, a band Oliver played in. Excellent stuff, hard but not impossible to find.
 FWI,toddnkaya, Loaded was their second album  "  Ways Not To Lose " was the first.
Thanks Wino!! Ill check out King Johnson for sure.
Wino, You have of course listened to the incredible band , Modeski, Martin and Wood right?