Alphason HR 100 MCS - Re-wire or not?

Today I picked up an Alphason HR 100 MCS in very good condition to try on my Kuzma Stabi Ref. I wanted something with a little more character to complement the 4Point I have been using.

I installed a Dynavector XX2 from my Rega P8 and listened. It sounded thin, bass-light and had that characteristic smooth but metallic sound that silver cable often has. The XX2 sounded excellent on my P8 and nothing at all like this.

A bit disappointed, I tried a Benz Ruby Z - much better. The bass was suddenly deep, the metallic colouration was mostly gone and it was incredibly tight, dynamic and tuneful. Still a shade lean but I don’t mind that, particularly as a contrast to the full-sounding 4Point.

The arm appears to be in great condition, with original wiring. But I have read mixed reviews of the VDH silver wiring in the MCS version. I am wondering whether there is real benefit in sending the arm somewhere like Audio Origami for a re-wire with Cardas cable and a general health check. Would it lose its character with different wiring? Has anyone done this and felt it was an improvement or not?

Also, should I really be looking out for higher compliance cartridges for the HR100? The Benz is 15cu compared to 10 for the DV which could explain why it is a much better match. I could also pick up a VDH cartridge which I think are quite high compliance. Any other cartridge suggestions for this arm - or cartridges to avoid?
The alphason tends to like lighter bodied cartridges. Or, to be more specific, cart bodies of the right composition. 

Since you are familiar with the lack of head-shell twist available,  you can negotiate the alphason's curves of use.
the alphason is not all that damped, but it does not need much damping, due to it's low mass, and aspects of self damping. It's damping capacity is effective when handled within it's range.

Cartridges that work well with the rega arm may introduce too much energy into the alphason. And thus a bit more color than one wants.

This may help a bit:
Thanks, it does look like the arm works best with higher compliance cartridges, and my Benz seems like it is within but at the lower end of that range, while the DV is definitely too low.

After further listening I also think I will have the arm re-wired with Cardas copper. The silver cabling does sound good but has that distinctive silver coloration which some like and others (like me) do not.
My ''combo'' is Kuzma Stabi Reference with Reed 3 P and Sumiko
800 (''the arm''). I started this hobby with tonearm collection and
moved to cart collection because of the ''MM thread''. The MCS
version of your tonearm is the most expensive kind because of
silver (mono cristal) wire inside. Not very smart in my opinion to
rewire this arm. If you can find some ''mechanics'' to make more
counerweights for you you will own ''universal arm''; suitable for
all carts. My Sumiko has 6 weigths to accomodate carts from 6-
to 27 g. Different weights should be used in order to get the weights
as near as possible to the pivot. 

Addition, Instead of rewiring you should buy Clearaudio clips
because your arm has fast headshell which  means using the 
same clips by each cart change. There are hardly clips sutable
for this jobe. Besides your arm is +30 years old. That is why yuo
 should have the best clips possible. 
I don’t think the wiring is the issue. It’s a light arm and using high compliance cartridges on it as you’ve already found work better. Try a top mm and see what you think. I think you can get a headshell weight to increase the mass if you want which would help for using your dynavector.
Thanks for the suggestions.

The MCS cabling was regarded as an upgrade when the arm was released, but it does get some mixed reports, and I do generally prefer copper cables. But I am also reluctant to tinker with a classic arm, particularly as it is now sounding very good with my Benz Ruby Z.
I do have a very good MM cartridge - an Ortofon M25FL - which I might try as well, although I am very happy with the results I am getting with the Benz.