alphacore users break in question

Just upgraded to Alphacore MI2 spk cable. I demoed these before I purchased and they were phenomenol in my system. Is there a huge improvement after break in with these cables? After about 10 hrs the new cables sound horrible. The demo cables were a bi wire pair 15' long and mine are 4 pair 30' long. My dealer assured me that they would sound the same at 30'. I hope they will.

What amp and speaker do you use them with? Alphacore can sound roll off and slow if matched with wrong amp and speaker.
I used to use Alpha Core IC's exclusively throughout my system. My experience with Alpha Core cables is that they need little break-in, if any. Also, they are a bit unique in that since they don't use a shield (and break-in is minimal) their connection orientation is not critical. I believe that the company addressed the speaker roll-off problem with an inductive link incorporated directly into the loudspeaker cable. Do your speaker cables have the inductors and are you sure the value is appropriate for your system?

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Can you be a bit more specific about what is "horrible" about the sound you are hearing? For example, are the high frequencies too pronounced, or the lows muddy, etc.

I did not find that my biwire pair of MI2 cables needed much break-in (although they are only 9' long). The one factor I can think of that might be affecting your cables is amplifier oscillation. The AC speaker cables are known to cause oscillation with SOME amplifiers (such as Adcom), which is why you should use a pair of Zobel networks attached to the speaker connection points. AC provides an inexpensive pair of Zobel networks, but I suggest you make a set using high-quality resistors and capacitors (costs about $25 for the pair). Look in the A-gon archives for the old threads that discuss the R and C values you need.
Thanks for the responses. I am using Vandersteen 3A sig with stereo 2WQs. Amps are Parasound JC 1s. As I stated before the Alphacore MI2 I demoed were fantastic. The demo cables had no extra networks or capacitors. Sound is slow with very little mid bass. Midrange is harsh and distorted. Sound stage is small and flat. No life at all. If these cables are not going to get better with break in they are a huge dissapointment at the 30' length, especially given my excellent experience with the demo cables.

From what I understand Sdcampbells advise regarding the use of Zobels might (should?) be considered regardless of your use with the loaner cables that may not have had them.
I was thinking about these cables with my JC1s but was worried about the oscillation thing also so I double checked and rcrump said the JC1s have a zobel built in - that cannot be the issue for you.

Perhaps just the high capacitance is the cause considering the length.
With no disrepect to RCrump, but, I think he might be mistaken. I believe that Alpha-core will provide Zoebels. Then again, maybe it's me that's mistaken.
Thanks everyone. I checked the Alphacore site and they claim no break in needed. My dealer on the other hand is insisting that there is a substantial break in period. I guess time will tell. Im going to give them a couple hundred hrs and report back. I will check in to the Zoebels as well.

Thanks again
My MI-2 Veracity cables are 10', required little burn in (less than 48 hours) and had the Zobel network already built into them from the factory (I also use the AlphaCore jumpers). They have sounded great from the get go. I hope you're able to figure out what the cause of your poor sound is because these are really great cables.
If they sound that horrible, why waste 100's of hours listening to them? Give them back to the dealer and use something else. He is giving you "the business".

They don't need break in because they are basically unshielded - AC will tell you that. I've had these very cables and what you describe is nothing like my experience. The zobel network will not change the sonics only keep your amp from oscillating. Sounds like a mismatch - maybe you need M3 or M1 can't remember for a higher amp wattage rating...but Steve is right 100 hours will be wasted if your waiting for burn in.
Won't an oscillating amp affect sonics?
Well, that's a good question that may vary from system to system. When I used these cables with a Classe amp I noticed no difference in sound with the networks in or out, but when they were out the amp shutdown after a while of playing music.

I just wanted to give an update. After 100 hrs I am pleasantly surprised to say the MI2 cables are sounding very good. They still are not quite there but I am confident they will continue to break in and get better. I guess it all boils down to system synergy and room acoustics since I am having very different results from all who were kind enough to respond. In my system in my room the improvement has been monumental after 100 hrs. Like going from zip cord to high end cable. That drastic.
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Do you really think that the wire is "broken in" or perhaps that you've become accustomed to what you're hearing?