Alpha Core Goertz MI 2 upgrade


I recently purchased the Tyler Sig's speakers here on Agon.
I'm powering these with a Manley Stingray in the triode mode and my ic's are AZ Silver Ref. II.
The MI 2's sound very good-especially for the money.
So why this thread?
As always with this crazy hobby, I'm wondering if I can step it up a notch.
The AZ ic's are staying as is the Stingray.
Cdp is a Cary 303/100, which I also like very much.
As I said, the MI 2's sound good, but I'm wondering if any of you out there had these cables and upgraded to something better-more dynamics, air, soundstage, bottom end impact etc.
Run length is 12 ft. biwire.
Thanks and Happy Holidays!
I had the MI-2s and upgraded to the CRL Silver cables (old FIM). They definitely sound better, but I still think the MI-2 is one of the best cables for the price. I didn't sell my MI-2 and it will go back in the system for nostalgia purposes. It is a great sounding cable.
If you decide to sell your MI2 bi-wires, please contact me. I currently have 10' MI2 bi-wires and could use another foot or two in length...


I went from MI 2's to MI 3's. As much as liked the MI 2's, in my system I like the MI 3's even better.
Thanks for your responses.
Unsound, may I ask what differences you heard between the 2's and 3's.
I also own single run MI-3, which I still use in one of my systems, and find them to be outstanding at providing those extra attributes you seek. Personally, never any problem, but check old archived discussions where Audiogon guru, Sean, pointed out his thoughts about greater ease of use and high quality with the smaller gauge MI-2.
In sequential open comparisons with MI-3, Reality Cables revealed more detail, three-dimensional cues in the soundstage, and bass slam. However, MI-3 quite spectacular in its own right if you want to stay with your present manufacturer. Although one factory rep to whom I spoke did not feel there would be a significant sonic difference, I also thought MI-3 bettered their MI-2.
If you are adventurous, check with Audiogon member, Clearsound, who sells Reality Cables for high quality systems, or
Greh, for me the MI 3's seemed to center the spectral balance. The MI 2's seemed to highlight the upper frequencies. The MI 3's are both warmer and tighter in the bass (I know it sounds like a contradiction, but, never the less it's true). The bottom of the MI 3's are more dynamic and powerfull. The MI 3's midrange is richer. The MI 3's seemed to allieviate some hardness and glare in the low to mid treble. The MI 3's still share the clear open sparkle of the MI 2's. I would have kept the MI 2's but Alpha-Core strongly recommended the MI 3's with my current amp. The MI 2's made more sense to me with it's higher impedance, but, Alpha-Core was right. The MI 3's seem to allow the bigger amp to really take hold of the speakers.

What would you think about bi-wiring with MI-2 and MI-3? That is, I would run MI-2 to the HF posts, and MI-3 to the LF posts. Would you expect that to create any problem?

I am running Legacy Signature II speakers, which are bi-wireable and go down to about 22hz.
Thanks to all for your responses!
Mtrot, that was highly recommended to me by Alpha Core and I would like to try that myself sometime. It could provide the best of both worlds in reference to each cables sonic qualities.
I have even used Alpha-Core AG-1 on top, and MI-3 on the bottom with fine results, despite the differences between the gauges, and between silver and copper. Depended on particular amp, speaker, and ears of the beholder.
Mtrot, I really don't know. I'd suggest asking Alpha-Core. They have a very generous trial period and I have always found them to be very cooperative.
Thanks Unsound and Listener57,

Before I do anything, I need to check into how my connections need to be. (I already have one set of MI-2 with bananas on both ends that I could use for the HF posts)

And, boy, that MI-3 is more than twice the price of the MI-2!
Yeah, the pricing is a little weird. Put me off a little at first. I can't help but wonder if it's just based on a different market segment.