Alpha Core AG-1 Cables with Vandersteen 2Ce Sig 2

Any Vandersteen owners using Alpha Core AG-1 bi-wired speaker cables with Vandersteen 2Ce Sig 2's? Read the review by Art Dudley Stereophile Jan 2007 on this combo. Dudley thought this cable is a great match. Have not seen any posts on this cable in Audiogon. Audioquest is another choice I'm running with Quicksilver amps.

Alpha Core AG1 in a short legnth with the Quicksilver/Vandersteen pairing works well together.
Quicksilver Wire 4 footer also works nice on these as well.
Best John Rutan
I use AudioQuest Rocket88 with the 72V. DBS on my Vadersteen 2CE Sig II
Now I have a new pair of bi-wire cable from Crystal Clear Audio, the Magnum Oppus 99.9999% 6N silver conductor. Terminated by the Cardas silver spade plated with Rhodium. These cables really woke up my Vadersteen 2CE Sig 2 like never before. Sound stage is deeper and wider, bass is much tighter, clarity is super as if you can pin point each instrument on the stage.
To me, John at Audioconnection is only 1 level lower than Gd about audio, but for me, I would get as many different cables to try as possible. ..that's what happened to me when I first got my Ayre components...I thought Ayre cables to be best, but it took me 6 months of diddling to discover what I eventually would stay with. The joy of this hobby is finding the "magic" that is all too elusive.