Alpha 9 or RCD 991

I have narrowed my upgrade pathe from a Cambridge Audio D300 to 2 choices.
They are an Alpha 9 and a Rotel RCD 991. Both are about the same price. The Rotel is a demo and will carry the full factory warrentee and the Arcam is used but mint. I listen to mostly popular music. Red Hot Chillis, Santana, REM and the likes.
In your opinions which path should I take and why?
My equip is
Rotel 1055 Reciever (used as pre-pro)
rotel 1075 Power amp (120 WPC)
Paradigm Studio 60 V2
Paradigm servo 15 sub.
Currently using PBJ interconnects but plan an upgrade there as well.
Even though I personally like the Arcam better, the Rotel would probably be a better choice for the music you listen to. I feel the Rotel has better dynamics and bass but does not have the overall refinement of the Arcam. The 991 is not as refined through the highs.
Thanks for that Bigtree.
I found another/better solution for now. I was using the old 10ga monster cable speaker cable and a local shop here suggested I uprade my cable to a faster more detailed cable. I suggessted I did not want to break the bank on speaker cable since I needed 2X 25' lengths. He suggested I use Totem silver cable and will get better detail and soundstage at the expense of a little bass and since my sys incomporates a sub know.
Guess what?
I got the cable, hooked it up and was almost immediately floored with the results. Exactly what he had said and I do not mean a small change but HUGE. It's like I have a new system and the cables aren't even broken in yet. I am hearing things that I never realized were there.
This is the best $200 CDN I ever spent and will tide me over hopefully until it becomes clear which NEW format will succeed CD.
I may still get a better player but now my criteria has changed somewhat since my system has gone from rather dull and undetailed to fairly highly resolved (at least by my mid-fi standards) Now I can consider some of the tubed players as well.