Alon vs Nola bass

I have a pair of Alon Lotus SE's and Nola Esprits set up in the same room (both open baffle, sealed woofer). The Nolas are on an interior wall adjoining a door and the Lotus are in the corner of an interior and exterior wall.

With 25 tube watts the Alons have deep well-rounded bass. With 100 digital watts the Nolas have anemic bass.

The woofer excursion seem equal (I I can A/B these) (it looks like the driver may even be identical) but I know that's a rough measurment.

Could room effects be responsible for this, or is it a design issue? Seeing it's tube vs ss I don't think it's the amp, plus I had the digital amp on the Alon's before a didn't notice anything. I'd like to know your opinion before I have to haul the Alons out from where they're trapped behind my huge desk.

Speaker/room interaction is the single most critical element in achieving superior sound quality. Get the Nolas interacting with the room properly and your problem will be solved.

I use the Viper Signatures with the deHavilland Aries G - 30 watt SET amps. For the longest time I felt the bass to be loose but after several moves and tweeks the speakers are now wonderful with a tight well defined bass. Just keep moving them and sometimes an inch one way or the other will make a huge difference. - Jody. You can see a picture of our room here -