Alon triwire cable

Can someone suggest an alternative to black orpheus triwire to support a pair of Alan lotus speakers. I am going to need about 15 feet, and would not mind buying a used product that does not break the bank.
Not sure what your amplification is, but you might investigate the Innersound speaker cable, which seems to be quite good from the reports I've heard and is quite cheap. I'm curious, what's the problem with the Black Orpheus?
I own the AlonIIs and am currently using the biwire black orpheus. I've heard good things about the Discovery line of cables but have not heard them in my system. The one cable that was a major improvement over the black orpheus were the Nordost Blue Heaven II (but these are fairly pricey).
I too have the lotus and am using the black orpheus cable triwired. I would not be so fast to blow off the orpheus as inferior cable. It was developed to be a reasonably priced way to triwire their speakers as the cost of triwiring their speakers was a significant customer complaint. FWIW, when Alon has sent it's speakers for review, including the $10,000 Circe, they have sent along the orpheus cable. Now they wouldn't do that if they felt it was a budget cable and couldn't deliver the "goods". I can tell you that in my system(VPI TNT,JMW10,Grado Reference,Atmasphere MP3 and S30) it is not the "rate limiting" step.

Is their better? Probably. But as your finding out, it gets expensive fairly quickly even when using "moderately" priced speaker cable when you have to triwire. You might want to try the Cable Company (800 FAT-WYRE)who would send you some loaner cables for you to listen and compare yourself.
I just rewired my Alon IV's with a dual run of DH Labs Q10 and T14 (12 gauge for the woofer and 14 gauge for each of the midrange and tweeter). Found this option to be much cheaper than Black Orpheus. Absolutely no complaints about the sound.
Like Jcass, I also use DH Labs for my Alon V MkII's. I have two separate 15 foot runs of Q10, one for bass and one for mids, and a run of T14 for highs. There are similarities with black orpheus, in that the DH Labs also use silver coated copper wire, but the shielding and configuration are different. I originally purchased these as an economical alternative to black orpheus, but they sound good and seem to have kept up with my other upgrades. I have recently been thinking about how other cables might improve the sound, including tri wire runs of black orpheus, kimber 8TC/4TC, Silver Lace (more expensive) and others. The DH Labs might be a good place to start since you could use two runs, a Q10 to woofer and a Q10 used as an internal biwire for mids and HF, then upgrade with another run later.