Alon speakers - mark I vs. II

I'll have a pair of Alon 4 and a pair of Alon 2 speakers to sell. However, how does one tell a mark I version vs. mark II? I've looked the units over and can't see anything to that effect. Can anyone help out?

I would call either Alon or Nola and ask them, giving them the serial numbers. FWIW, I don't recall a Mk II version of the Alon 4.
LOL, I always thought the Mark II version of the Alon IV was the Alon V.

Mike, if I understand you rightly, you have 2 sets of speakers to sell. I believe there were a couple versions of the Alon IIs, however. Look for the serial numbers on the back and call Nola Speakers to find out which verion of the IIs you have. I think there was less fiddling with the IVs, as Carl ended up basically redesigning that speaker into the V (which had MkI, MkII and MkIII versions).

You might post this on the Speaker Asylum at AA. There are a few of us over there that have had Alons for a long time. There are also some old reviews online that might help.

The IVs are still killer speakers, and the IIs quite nice.
I thought the Mark II version had the wrap around grill cloth around the open baffle and the Mark I did not. I have a pair of Alon I Mark IIs in my video system that the original owner restored back to the look of the Mark I.

Thanks for the responses. I'll check out SpeakerAsylum and give the guys at Nola a call. Yes, I have 2 sets - when looking at the blue book here on audiogon, I noticed a mark I and II version of the Alon 4 and of the Alon 2. That's what set me down this path.