Alon/Nola drivers

Does Alon/Nola use custom drivers or are they off the shelf? I am intereested in the Viper Signature/Exotic Signature or the Circes.

based on my upgrade experience with Nola, the bass drivers are custom, and likely the midrange also. The HF drivers are from Norway, but would guess they are built to Carl's specs and not off the shelf. All use alnico magnets. Definitely not something you are going to get from Parts Express.
All drivers are custom in the Alons. One thing to consider is replacement prices, I recently spoke with Carl and there have been steep price increases: Alnico tweeters $1600 pr., 10" Alnico woofers $1600 pr., Alnico mids are still $800 pr. There are no off the shelf replacements.
Thanks guys. I have been considering the purchase of a used speaker and with the recent uncertainties regarding the split between Nola and Alon, I wanted to check this out first.
The price of replacement speakers are very expensive from Nola. You can try Madisound and he probably can find excellent drivers that will work close to the custom ones.

Happy Listening.
ANYONE REPLACING WOOFERS IN THEIR CIRCES...I want your old ones for my Vs MkIIs ;-)

Rbischof, I bought my Alons used awhile back. I lose no sleep at night worrying about the need to replace drivers (although I would kinda like to upgrade my woofs). I hope you;re not planning on frying yours, whould gecome lucky enough to own a pair of Alons/Nolas. Wonderful, musical speakers. Don't worry, buy the Alons and be happy. Circes are fabulous.
FWIW. Alon/Nola does not support their speakers after sale on some spare parts (e.g. cabnitrey repairs & replacement cloth for mine). To each their own but I'm fed up with them and wouldn't give them another nickle under any circumstances.
Anyone who wants alinco tweeters, midrange or 8" woofers for 1/2 retail can buy mine if they choose.
Jeff, sorry to hear of your support problems. My experience has been exactly the opposite. Carl has been very supportive of my upgrades, and very helpful with suggestions. I get the sense he and Marylin run the company so they are probably busy during the day, and not really "chatty." Response is not always lightning quick, but they have always responded and supported me with both problems and upgrades. If you need the "sock" grill cloth, like for the Circe, I agree that should be a "available for purchase" item. For my upgraded V's I got in touch with a local speaker builder (Kevin @ Bugtussel) who sold me cloth that I actually like better than what came with the speakers. It was easy to replace. I can't respond to cabinet repairs, but they are wood and a good local woodworker should be able to help with most items. Anyway, if your problems occurred during the time of their recent "reorganization" I would suggest contacting them again, as things may have been too hectic for them. In my case they are good people.

To Bigkidz, I can't say you are wrong, but the drivers, and integration with Carl's crossovers, are about 80% of the sound IMHO. I am skeptical Madisound can replace them to achieve a similar sound quality, especially with the upper end alnico magnet drivers, and considering the mids and tweeters are dipoles. - Tim