Alon Model I VS. Alon Model V

Any opinions on the differences between the two models? I know the V's were more expensive, but they were later models. I'm going to have to choose one or the other and could use some opinions. My system includes a Krell FPB 300cx, ARC SP-8 MKII, Wadia 861 CD player, McIntosh MR-78, McIntosh MC240, Yamaha PX-3 turntable, JBL 4430 Studio Monitors and Carver Amazing Platinum speakers, the ones with the 60" ribbons. The Carvers are my favorites and that is why I'm leaning towards a pair of Alons, don't get me wrong, the 4430's are great, but I prefer to hear as much detail as possible and the Carvers produce that in spades, but lack a little in the dynamics department, which is what the Alons excel at. Thanks in advance.
I have heard both-but its been a while. The I is smaller, less complex and far less expensive than the V. However, they share the Alon holographic sound and extended bass. Everything the I offers, the V offers more of it and more refined. Also, I understand the Black Orphious speaker cables are essential, and bi or tri wiring should be considered mandatory. Good luck.
Thanks for your insight. I picked up the Alon V's yesterday and one of the woofers needed to be re-foamed, so I dropped it off at the shop, brought the other one home and hooked it up and I must say it actually does have the clarity of electrostatics, but with much more dynamics. Now I know what they mean when they say "the speakers seem to dissapear"! On the other channel I left one JBL 4430 hooked up to compare the two. Well it sounded like a vail was lifted, but of course the alnico compression driver had a richer and larger texture in the upper registers, and the "box" sound was still there. I can't wait to get the other Alon V home and really see what theses babies are capable of! Does anyone know where I might find the Black Orphious speaker cables?
I spelled it wrong-the correct spelling is: Black Orpheus Speaker Cable. It is manufactured by Acarian Systems to provide optimum performance with Alón loudspeakers. Google it and you will get plenty of hits. I have occationally seen it on Agon used. Good luck.
Thanks! I will begin my search. Currently using MIT Shotguns, but I'm not quite satisfied. I plan on using the Krell to power the bass and mids and the McIntosh for the highs. Wish me luck! Kind regards- Andrew