Alon Model 1 mkii specs, crossover ?

I have a pair of Alon 1 mkii speakers, searched but cant find specs anywhere. Anyone have any info, or suggest a source? What I would like to know is the sensitivity, impedance and the crossover points. Also, I assume the bi-wire separates the woofer from the tweeter/mid, is this correct?
Any help is greatly appreciated -thanks.
Alon Model I mkII specs:

Impedance: 8/4 min
Freq response: 39-25kHz
Sensitivity: 87 dB
Crossover: 500 and 3500
Dimensions: 38H x 9W x 13D
Weight: 49 lbs

You're correct about the biwire. LF goes to woofer. HF goes to tweeter and mid. Email me privately if want a PDF of the Alon product brochure. I also have the crossover schematic.
Thanks so much to Mingles. Also, I enjoyed reading your system and related stuff. -thanks!
What amp are you using? I started with McCormack DNA-1, but things improved significantly with Quicksilver Mid Monos. Alons sound great with tubes.
First off my Alons are physically modified, essentially "naked". The previous Agon owner took off the posts and top cap so they are now black boxes with the mid/high baffle on top. They look pretty cool to me, modern-tech. My wife actually likes the way they look.
I have never used tube power amp with them. I have used my Marsh A400 Power with a Grounded Grid Preamp. The GG has tubes, but is not considered "tube sound", so this combo is more clean smooth SS. I have also used my Cambridge Azure 540A int amp which is pretty good for the money.
I work in new construction so this crunch has negated any toy budget for quite a while. Due to bass/room issues and the fact that I have other speakers including Swan M1s and PMC FB1s, the Alons have been neglected for some time. Recently I picked up a t-amp on an Ebay nr auction and to my surprise, it drives the Alons quite well. Especially good with vocals with the Alons. Just trying to find options to keep me involved with this hobby with virtually no budget! I'm thinking of driving the bass section with another amp.
By the way, the amp is a HLLY Tamp-20. I have had way too much fun with it. I'm not sure how much it is due to low expectations, but it can sound darn good.
Once again, thanks for the help.