Alon Model 1 8" woofers blown


I blew the 8" woofers in my alon model 1 speakers. I can get them rebuilt from millersound but wanted to see if anyone has a pair sitting around to sell. Can you post "wanteds" on Audiogon? I only see buy and sell...

thank you

Bill worked on my woofers for my previous Model 1's and I can tell you it sounded better after he did the work on them.
Highly unlikely anyone has a pair for sale, but something might come up if you don't mind waiting a few years. Or you could just send them to Bill who will make them better than original and cost the same as a used pair.
As a long time Alon/Nola owner including the Alon 1, I wanted to add that as mentioned your best option to retain the famed Alon 1 bass slam and balance is to get the woofers rebuilt/reconed by Miller Sound. In fact I'm fairly certain that Carl uses Miller Sound for his driver rebuild services. Here is the link for Miller Sound:

I have had 2 sets of woofers rebuilt by Miller Sound, one set for my Alon 1's and one set for my Alon Lotus SE mk ll's and both times the quality of rebuild and turn around time were absolutely first rate.

Nmmusicman, "In fact I'm fairly certain that Carl uses Miller Sound for his driver rebuild services."

That's true, Bill Legall / Millersound has been Carl's speaker guy for a very long time. Send the pair of drivers to Bill, and he'll have them back to you as good as new.
I am not sure if there is a woofer upgrade for the Alons with alnico magnets but you may want to speak with Carl first and try them before the rebuild from Bill, BTW Bill is the best so send them to hi with confidence.

Happy Listening
Hi Scott, did you get the Alon's back up and running?

I just pulled my pair out of storage and am replacing the woofers as well. I bought the woofers new from Carl about a year ago. I'm also replacing the Low Pass woofer caps from the stock electrolytic to a Mundorf MKP cap. I've done the Carl approved Low Pass cap upgrade on my Nola Vipers and Alon Lotus x-overs and it makes for a nice improvement to the bass agility/clarity.