Alon Lotus SE MkII vs. Alon V Mk III

Has anyone listened to both the Acarian Systems Alon Lotus SE Mk II and Acarian Systems Alon V MK III loudspeakers? I have yet to hear either. What is the difference between the two speakers sound (ability to reproduce music). I know there is a price difference of about $1800, but I would like a discription of how the two speakers differ sonically. Anyone care to comment on which of the two is a better value? Thanks.
I have heard the Alon V MK III and was hoping to compare it to the Lotus SE MK II. I found the speaker to lack focus, midrange transparence and presence. Bass response was not exceptional in my audition as the rating to 23 hz would indicate. With that rating, I was expecting floor rattling bass with my CD's which contain it. I was so disappointed with the bass response that the salesman tried three amps: the McCormack series which came out after the DNA series (I don't remember the model), a Krell FPB 300, and an Audio Research VT100??? None of these amps extended the bass or clarified the midrange. I would say in the speaker's favor that its boxless "open baffle" design does a good job of dispersing sound throughout the room. That effect was immediately noticeable. With the complaints that I made about the Alon V's bass response, the salesman was reluctant to set up the Lotus SE's. He asked me to come back next week to listen to the Alon Tuscany which he said could really go down deep since it had an integral powered subwoofer. I declined. I don't mean to say the Alon V is a bad speaker, but that I just didn't find that it grabbed me. I would be interested in other people's opinions.
Frequency balance I thought was slightly on the warm side.