Alon IVs versus Vandersteen 2CE signatures

Hi folks,
I would love some input on this decision - I am trying to decide between a used pair of alon IVs and a new pair of Vandy 2ce Signatures. I am unable to hear the Alon IVs as they are in another state, but have previously heard, and enjoyed, the 1st gen Alon IIs. My initial impression of the Vandys were that they were vary laid back and smooth (something I like) but had very little "impact", particularly in the bass. The bass was clear and extended, it just did not pack much punch.

My listening tastes are musically split between female vocals (Charlotte Church, Jewel, Jennifer Warnes, etc.)and pop/hip-hop (Nelly, Crystal Method, etc.). In my one listening tests with the Vandys, they were wonderful on the first, but dissapointing on the second. Not sure if the room was the culprit, or if a sub would help add a little oomph.

Any and all input, experiences, or advice would be appreciated.

I have previously heard both speakers and owned a pair of Vandersteens but I would go with the Alons, I consider them one of the nicest sounding speakers I have heard. I couldn't afford them when I wanted them but would have traded my vandy's in a second. Good luck
I own Vandy 2 CE Sigs, and have a mixed response to them. They do female vocal, cello, jazz, and acoustic guitar spectacularly well. Anything electronic, percussive, or punchy (including piano) they do less well. You might need to pick which of your musical preferences you need to serve more substantially. I wouldn't pick them for hip-hop, no way.
The Alon IV's are a great speaker but becareful of room size. They will put out a fair amount of low end. I have driven the with VAC Tube gear and Classe both with favorable results. Tubes smooth through the mid range and tweeter but the Classe really took hold of the bass. Great sound stage deep and wide.
Sometimes the tweeter can get a little zippy.

Good Luck.
Swklein, I am suprised by your assesment of the 2ce Sig's inability to reproduce percussive sounds, I looked at your system and can't find fault anything. I don't know the sound of your CD player or your cartridge. Do you feel that this is the case with both of your TT and CD player? Speakers are dumb as dirt and just reproduce what they are fed.

Yes,Phillip the addition of a Vandersteen 2wq is great but takes some work to set up. The room is always a big factor and it has taken me three years to get my speakers in just the right spot. Changes of 1/2" make a big difference.
If I only listened to chamber music and the like, Vandys would be my choice. You're correct, though, they ARE very laid back and dynamically constrained. Of course, this is all in the ear of the listener. Maxgain is certainly correct when he says that fine tuning can make all the difference.

Good luck and happy landings! Let us know what you decide.

It's too bad you can't go listen to the Alons. It's always a very good idea to listen to the speaker before purchase for obvious reasons. You really can't get a feel for anything from these threads. One mans cup of tea is another mans poison.
I owned a pair of 2ce sigs for a while and in my room with my electronics, they were as dynamic as anything I'd had up to that point. I have since moved up the Vandy line. Subs will make an improvement to the overall dynamics and bass impact but, as Maxgain says, require a lot of set up. Two of the 2wq's is better than one but placing a single 2wq between the 2's on the back wall works well.
It has been interesting to me how everyone says the Vandy's are laid back, not dynamic or what have you. I have used alot of speakers over 35+ years and I just can't agree with that. Maybe I've been lucky with setup or room but I have found Vandersteen's to be a very rewarding speaker.
Friends have always commented on how natural, transparent and dynamic(of all things) my current system is(3a Sigs and 2Wq's.) But, it may be as I said above, I have a room that suits them.
They do require a LOT of attention to set up and electronics makes a big difference in the end result.
Well, since you don't mind used, consider a pair of Vandersteen 3A used for about the same price or Model 3 and pocket the change. Better have a mighty amp for the original model 3 as it was a tough load to drive. Sound is similar to the 2Ce, but everything is better, especially in the low end.
I have a new pair of Alon Capris. My 2 finalists were the Alons and the Vandersteen 2ce signature. It was close. I really liked them both. I haven't heard the Alon's in question though.

My best advice to you is that you have to hear them for yourself. I don't think I would have been unhappy with either speaker. I think I might have been pushed to the Alons slightly due to the slightly smaller footprint and nicer appearance.

But they both sound great. I enjoy my Alons more and more every day. Good luck--and don't buy anything you can't hear (wish I always followed my own advice!)
Hi again, You may be able to work out a trial period with the seller of the Alon's. If you are willing to pay return shipping if you don't like them the owner may give you time to decide, it can't hurt to ask.

My experience with Vandy 2Ci's is that they had much tighter bass bi wired. It was a very big difference and I think it is necessary with these speakers. The balance of the speakers was much more centered around the midrange and not the low end like it was before biwiring.

hope this helps