Alon II MK2 vs Thiel 2.3: Best Value "Used"??

First,I need some input on the Alon series, in particular Alon II MK2 which retailed for $3000. Second, has anyone ever heard and compared the Alon II against Thiel 2.3.?? What is Alon like in terms of bass and soundstaging?? I have never heard them, but have heard the Thiels. I think the Alon II Mk2 was "upgraded" to the MK2 and issued about the same time the Thiel 2.3 came on the market, approx 1999. Though the Thiel drivers were upgraded in June 2001. All opinions welcomed. Thanks, SJ
Make sure to get the upgraded drivers on the Thiel. (Can't comment on the Alon).
The Thiel is a bit more refined sounding speaker than the Alon.

I have the Alon II mk2's and they are a well rounded speaker. They can play all sorts of music well, but their strengths lie in reproducing Jazz and Rock. When I think of the Thiel sound, I think of more classical and acoustic music. Alon speakers are also killer for Home Theater. I use Alon speakers for my sides and rear channels.

Soundstage is great on the Alon II mk2's. These speakers are a great value on the used market.