Alon II Mark II

Good evening / Im thinking of shortning my alons to fit a cabinet set up in my liv room.Does anyone know if the speaker post are glued and can they be heated up so i can remove the 4 corners so i can shorten the speaker and do you think it will change the sound that much of the speaker
OMG, PLEASE do NOT do that to those wonderful speakers. Please, others, chime in. That's a hideous act. Alon/Nola speakers (are any well designed speakers?) are not designed to work inside a cabinet. The open baffle design requires open space, preferably several feet of open space behind them to attain proper soundstaging. Do contact Carl Marchisotto first before hacking these speakers and get his thoughts. If fitting speakers into an existing cabinet is a must, then consider selling the Alon II's to Alon/Nola fans and purchase any, ANY, speaker from Goodwill and shove them in there. This harsh comment is meant to say that anytime you shove a speaker into a cabinet, the intention of the original design is gone, and the subsequent sound is mediocre at best. Don't do it, please.
It's not clear what you plan on doing, but I agree with Btaudio. Alon's need room to breath. The other thing to consider is resale value. Hacked up equipment is worth a lot less and it's harder to sell.
Gotta agree with the above posts, though I'm not sure what you're doing to the cabinet of the speakers. The enclosure (or, in the case of the Alons, the lack of an enclosure) is an integral part of the design, and changing that, or enclosing it in another cabinet, essentially wrecks the speakers and all that they do so well.
Just finished reworking a set of Alon model II mark IIs. I assume that you are talking about the four large wood dowels used as corner post in the top section. The top section can be removed by by first removing the midrange and tweeter sections. Wire will need to be disconnected from the crossover networks ( located in the bass enclosure). Be sure to mark their location so that they can be properly reconnected. There is a bit of caulk on the inside where the wires go through the top of the bass section. Remove so the wires pull out it for re-installation. Set the mid-tweeter section aside and try not to disturb any more than you have to. Now you will see 4 screws that holds the top section to the bass section. Take them out and The top section can be removed. While at it check the glue on all of the crossovers. It has a tendency to release but is easily repaired with glue gun and one of the new hot glues I use Arrow Slow Dry Sticks. Contact me if I can be of further assistance.
Revisiting this thread...

I want to point out the need to place speakers correctly in a room in order to get the best experience. George Cardas offers some excellent suggestions here:

Setting Up Speakers In A Rectangular Room

For Alons, follow the dipole instructions.
EEK I hope the OP did not hack his Alons.

Mission makes some bookshelf speakers that don't mind being back against the wall, but shoving speakers into a cabinet is a recipe for mediocre to bad sound. The vast majority of high end speakers, includiong Alons, ESPECIALLY dipoles (Alons = dipoles) are designed to be placed AWAY from walls...that also means cabinet walls.

If you're going to put speakers in cabinets either:

A) Don't spend the money on high end speakers as they'll sound mediocre at best. Buy something inexpensive at your local BB.

B) Look into the few (very few) speakers that are edsigned for or tolerate placement close to the wall.
O K for the record i did not cut my alon speakers i kept them just the way they were added new woofers by bill Legall which by the way sound superb. I just can't understand why the last 6" of the mark two's are open space. Any way thanks for all your input.