alon II Mark II

Thinking Of upgrading my alon Woofers They are 10'' in Size I keep hearing about alnico woofers , Do they really make a difference any input would be appreciated.
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I can see how a better woofer could improve the sound of these.Check the operating frequency and impedance/efficeincy.The Dayton Reference Series are very good and are excellent in the cost/performance ratio.I also like the Aurum Cantus drivers.Much depends on the size of the opening and mounting arrangement.A similar size(depth) unit will probably mate better,as the alignment of the voice-coils will be similar (phasing).
I did replace all the drivers in a Alon 5 with all alnico drivers from a Alon Circes. Carl at Alon /Nola said they would drop in and work fine and they did. I tried the old non alnico mid and tweeter from My Alon 5 in a friends Alon 2 and was NOT happy they look the same as the Alon 2 drivers but did not work very well the crossover I think is different but both are open baffle on the mid and tweeter. I found that the alnico woofer made the least difference in My upgrade. The alnico drivers are pricey and I would save My money on the woofers . I have two non alnico woofers from a Alon 5 I may sell but they need to be reconed . I also have two tweeters non alnico from My Alon 5 speakers I may let go. I did not think they worked well [ the tweeters and mids ] in a Alon 2 but who knows talk to Carl at Nola about crossover changes ? This is just one man's thoughts you may have better luck with a woofer change as I never did swap woofers [ non alnico ] from my Alon 5's in to the Alon 2's . I only swapped non alnico Alon 5 mid and tweeter drivers in to the Alon 2 . You can feel free to e mail Me with questions and I will try to answer them . Marc
I don't know what Carl charges for Alnico drivers, but it won't be cheap. An alternative is to have your woofers rebuilt by Bill LeGall at Millersound:

He's a master at this. I've had three pairs of Alon woofers rebuilt by him and can say there was an improvement each time. However, it may not give you the dramatic change you're looking for. I question whether Alnico drivers will either.

Have you considered adding a sub-woofer?