Alon II Mark I Speaker Setup Please help

can anyone offer some advice on setting up pair of Alon II Mark I loudspeakers ?

Such as how far out, toe in, height, and tilt. any other info regarding tweeks would be apreciated!!!

thanks !!

Mike, at the Acarian website, there's an older review from TAS on the Alon II. Some vague placement details are mentioned, might be a good place to start. I recently acquired a pair of Alon I mkII. In my small room - 9'x13' - they ended up 54" off the rear wall (9') and 32" from the side walls (13'), no toe in (although I plan on playing with that later). All measurements to center of speaker. My listening chair is against the rear wall. I think I'm within inches of optimum placement, but still experimenting. Right now it's soundstage city. The Alons really get out of the way and let the music through. Honestly revealing, very fast, great bass.
Good luck.....Erik
I've had my Alon II Mk. I's for aprox. 8 years. My listening room is aprox. 13' x 30'. In experimenting with placement I've found placing them on the long wall aprox. 6' apart, 40" from the front wall and at least 36' from side walls with no toe in to be optimum. Placing them on the short wall compromises soundstage width too much. For best image, soundstage, transparency you have to bring these speakers out from the walls, unfortunately you do sacrifice some bass but IMHO this is a necessary compromise. These speakers need room to breathe. You may also be interested to note that I have pulled the crossovers out of the cabinets, added extra bracing to the cabinet, sprayed the interior with dynamat and added Black Hole 5 to the interior walls. These cabinets resonate like crazy (Alon II Mk.II improved upon mk.I here). Improved dynamics, transparency and PRAT. My next upgrade is replacing the capacitors and resistors on the crossover with parts from North Creek. Good listening, Scott