Alon I MKII speakers or B&W 600 series as AV speak

Starting to create a home theatre surround system, considering NAD or Harmon Kardon receiver (7.1) and Alon I MKII or B&W 603 or 804 speakers? comments welcomed. I am trying to keep the speaker system to $1,500.
As an owner of the Alon I Mk II's I think they will be a great addition to your home theater. Simply because of the radiating pattern of the midrange and highs. The speakers simply disappear. The B&W's a good but the Alon's to me seem sweeter sounding. As far as the 804's it's been a long time since I heard them. They were really good and I think closer to the Alons in presentation. However, I have used mine strictly in 2 channel and with various quality of amps. I have never used a HT receiver with the Alons but they so open up with good solid state. One thing for sure the Alons HAVE to be bi-wired. They simply do not sound good when they are not. If you can find the Black Orpheus wire in bi wire configuration I hear it makes a dramatic difference. That's my dollars worth.